YSL - The Diary Issue


Pack your bags and get your self to Marrakech. Morocco has always been on my bucket list of places to go. The food, the culture the markets the amazing mosaic tiles and seriously bohemian atmosphere. It was a favourite for the late and great Yves Saint Laurant who had a love affair with the enchanted gardens and was inspired by the colours and culture. It was a favourite destination for the designer and he privately owned a villa in the city since 1966.  It was no surprise to hear that the fashion house dedicated a museum in the capital city of Marrakech in his honour. The architecture is as impressive as the collection inside. The building was designed by Studio KO and had a concept of using the textiles as a main design for building. The outside of the buildings look is wavy and silky like the moroccan fabrics YSL was so inspired by. the Inside velvety, smooth and radiant like a perfectly tailored YSL jacket. The collection with coincide with the Paris exhibition and together will exhibit 4000 pieces of couture and more than 14,000 accessories, including drawings and fotos documenting the history of the fashion house. The museum features a café, a research library with 15,000 reference books and an auditorium where lectures, performances and conferences can be held. The Museum oped its doors on October 18, 2017 and when you leave don’t forget to exit via the bookshop.

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