WUNDERKAMMER - The Diary Issue



Haven’t heard of the Wunderkammer yet? Where have you been? Twice a year internationally renowned florists Ueli Signa and Florian Seyd along with an entire creative team host a unique “shop for a week” event in Amsterdam. Bringing friends and customers together to explore the creative arrangements and design they work so hard on. The Wunderkammer is not only about flowers, and plants but they hold an archive of decorative objects, taxidermy, artifacts and curiosities that are available for purchase and to rent. ┬áThis fabulous design duo does it all and they do it so well they are international sought after for private events like weddings, department stores, private sale events etc. If you haven’t been don’t worry the “Gold Dust” shop for a week opens this season from December 1st and because of its popularity is open until 24th! you can visit Tuesday-Sundays from 11-17:00 expect a lot of sparkle, a lot of gold and a lot of beautifully curated and designed Christmas eye candy! Happy Holidays

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