TRACEY EMIN - The Diary Issue



It’s International Woman’s Day! There are so many female artists that I could highlight but one came to mind immediately. Tracey Emin. A British rebel artist in her fifties. She was labelled in the eighties “Enfant Terrible” but eventually gained international respect from Art Academics. She is a contemporary artist with confessional art evoking many emotions. From installations at The Tate Modern┬áin London like “My Bed” where she displayed her unmade and dirty bed after weeks of smoking, eating, drinking, doing drugs and having sexual intercourse to paintings, sketches and sculptures. Her artwork is popular among celebrities and collectors and is widely appreciated. Her more commercial work in Neon lights can even be seen in Amsterdam on the side of a bank building in Amsterdam South and on the walls of Kendell Jenner in Keeping up with the Kardashians. Her text in Neon is short and direct and start at 60,000 US. Would love to make one an addition to my collection!





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