SONIA DELAUNAY - The Diary Issue



Isabel Marant Spring 2009



Isabel Marant Spring 2012

One of our favourite artists is Sonia Delaunay. Originally from the Ukraine but raised in Paris she was influenced by her Ukrainian roots with use of colour and texture to create a new art movement with her husband labelled Orphism. It was one day she was making a quilt for her new born son using bits of fabrics, a Ukrainian tradition when she realised the different colour coordinations and shapes had a resemblance to Cubism. It was then she and husband Robert developed a form of Cubism called Orphism, using geometric shapes and colours. She was the first living female artist to exhibit in the Louvre, Paris. Her work has been used to influence, art deco, modern design, furniture, wall coverings and textile. Delaunay left behind a legacy that still flourishes in todays fashion world, designers are still using her influences in their own collections.

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