MATHIEU NAB - The Diary Issue



ciculo 031

Since we have almost finished building our studio I have finally begun the construction on our house. Looking for all the elements and materials and seeing it all come together was the most gratifying. I’m so happy with the way it turned out it just makes me super excited to get started with our house. I have so many ideas and can’t wait to see it come to reality. So I have been keeping my eyes out for some new art that I would like to incorporate into our design and furnishings. If you know my style I like clean lines, no clutter and modern. I love incorporating different elements and textures like wood and marble. A few weeks ago I came upon Dutch artist Mathieu nab. His sculptures are exactly what I love, diagonal lines, stone and carved wood but with the natural flow of the grain and shape of the trunk. His forms and figures are faceless and genderless and his benches elude nature and hold their natural forms of the trees. All his works are one of a kind and the round forms and soft edges I see perfectly fitting into our home.

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