JUERGEN TELLER - The Diary Issue


The “go see” a term used within the fashion, modelling and photography world, is term used when models are chosen by fashion photograhers or magazines to do a test shoot in hopes of being hired for a job. The entire process of the call backs, the call in’s, the walk through’s and the go see’s are all a part of the game as ridiculous as it sounds. German Fashion photographer Juergen Teller documented his experiences with young teenage wannabe models during the 90’s including Linda Evangelista and Shalom Harlow, the result? he turned all 462 photos into a coffee table book. The photos are now on display at the Alison Jacques Gallery in London. The photos are quirky young teenagers sitting, smiling, and showing off their gymnastic talents,it’s ¬†all very innocent and a spontaneous look into the reality of model life.

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