SOPHIE BUHAI - The Diary Issue


Watching people at the beach club in St Barth is a favourite past time, I can sit for hours an stare. I have keen eye for detail, it’s something you acquire after being a stylist for so many years. So not much gets past me, and when I see something I like I’m not shy, I go right up and ask who made it and where did they get it! So this beautiful woman walked by and she had the most eye catching jewellery on I had to know where it was from so I could share with you!  So this weeks eyes on is about the simple and sculptural designs of Sophie Buhai.

After graduating from Parsons Design Academy and ten successful years as co creator of Vena Cava a women’s clothing line she started with a fellow classmate, she opened up a design studio and began her own jewelery line. A solid sterling collection of super sculptural and timeless pieces. Her style? “old art lady style” she sells her collections in museum shops like the the Georgia O’Keefe, she loves museum women. I fell in love with the simplicity and the boldness of the collection.

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