EMMA - The Diary Issue


Photography & Fashion by Anouk Hart

A fashion photographers dream, to meet a talented fresh face, one that feels comfortable in front of the lens and continuously gives beautiful natural looks and angles to capture. Thats Emma. It was lovely to work with her and hear her story. It’s always nice to know where the models are coming from it gives me a little jump start on taking the perfect shot.

“Isn’t it every girl’s dream to become a model? I will never forget the first time I was scouted. I was on a school trip in Amsterdam. We were walking on the Prinsengracht when my teacher came up to me and told me that there was a woman who wanted to talk to me. I was very confused because that kind of thing had never happened to me before. The woman was very nice to me and explained why she wanted to talk to me, she was from a modeling agency and she loved my face… This was the start of what is now my beginning modelling career. Another model scout working for IBE models, my mother agency, reached out to me on Instagram, and we met shortly after that. They sent my pictures to Supreme in Paris and my contact there arranged a meeting with Celine.

How lucky I was … They took an exclusive option on me and my first real experience was the catwalk in Paris for Celine, one of the big players in the fashion world. I am so grateful of all the things I could and can do. Although it is sometimes lonely I can’t complain. I feel free in front of a camera and I’m so fond of fashion and everything around it. Who wouldn’t be, being surrounded by beautiful things is wonderful.

Now I hope that one day I can be in glossy advertisements  and magazines. I’m still attending school and I really want to finish and get my diploma because a good education is important. But after high school I would love to do this job fulltime. It is so fun to meet new people and to do these amazing things like my shoot with Anouk Hart. Anouk and her team are so professional and kind. I think up till now this was my best experience ever…”

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