Editor's Letter - The Diary Issue

Editor’s Letter

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The Diary Issue has blossomed from being a personal journal, reaching out to like-minded thinkers, to a visual platform that entails so much more. Here you will find my vision on fashion, photography and art that is ever evolving. Here you will find my inner world, me staying true to myself, dreaming just for the sake of it. For what is fashion without that touch of fantasy, losing reality for a moment and just letting go? The Diary Issue portrays my journey traveling through the arts.

I am proud to present an array of contributors whom I admire and absolutely enjoy working with. ‘Let’s make magic’, I thought, and so we did. I feel this definitely translates through the pages of The Diary Issue. Dreaming up visuals that speak to femininity in an empowering way and with an even more fashionable edge. Thinking out of the box, playing around and being more daring than usual. I have been so fortunate to have met many inspiring women in my life whose energy I aim to capture in my photography. The mood in this issue also reflects the personality of some of these girls: cool, understated and a little offbeat.

With love, Anouk