This week for the Art I wanted to share with you an exhibition that I visited on Sunday. The internationally successful and “New Dutch Masters” taxidermy artists Jaap Sinke & Ferry Van Tongeren. The duo are influenced and inspired by the paintings of old Dutch Masters which can be seen throughout the exhibition. The taxidermy animals are photographed during the beginning stages of the process, which the skins are placed in soapy water to be cleaned, they are then photographed and through this process in a way are brought back to life. The photos are beautiful and last year fellow artist Damien Hirst bought an complete collection of prints of the floating skins which shot them into international success. The eccentric exhibition is being held from now until September 2017 at the MOA, Museum of Amelisveerd, an 18th century Mansion in Bunnik Netherlands. The mansion showcases amazing intricate hand painted Chinese wallpaper and a collection of sculptures from Dutch artist, Armando which only compliment the collection of Sinke & van Tongeren. Definitely worth the visit! I was blown away at the raw beauty of it all.  The animals died in captivity from natural causes so no worries.

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