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    Anouk Hart

    Founder & Creative Director of The Diary Issue.

    The Diary Issue portrays my journey traveling through the arts. Starting out as a stylist and now being able to work as a photographer has been a dream come true.


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    Joëlle Romita

    Amsterdam based hair and make up artist at Colourfool Agency and Educator at B Academy, Joëlle works for high end magazines and is one of our creative contributors for the Beauty Issue

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    Tricja Styling

    We give you style advice from fashion stylist Tricja. She wants us to “buy it. live it. luv it.”The Amsterdam based stylist worked for several high end magazines and styled numerous campaigns.

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    Michelle Dingwall

    Michelle Dingwall,

    Freelance writer and Art contributor. Michelle writes and researches our weekly Art posts among others. Visiting galleries, museums around the world and sharing her love of art, fashion and design. With a long passion for jewellery she began her own jewellery line Scout & Jem in 2015 as designer and creative director. With a keen eye for style she also assists periodically with photoshoots and styling.